MOY Winners

Each year, The Wiseman Group recognizes top leaders and "genius makers" around the world. This year we awarded four Multipliers of the Year in distinct categories.



2017 Winners

In 2016, we were blown away by over 2,900 votes. That record was quadrupled this year with 11,788! We are deeply grateful to all who contributed and participated in this contest. Thank you and congratulations to our four inspiring Multipliers of the Year!

McNeill-Jon square.jpg


Jon McNeill    

Organization: Tesla Motors
Job Title: President, Global Sales & Service

"Jon is an innately curious human being and a lifelong learner. He creates a learning environment, where he and his people are continually learning and growing. Jon is a Talent Magnet, bringing in incredibly smart people and letting them loose to do their best work. He doesn’t care about their age, background, what they've done before, or what area they're smart in. Jon is also a daily Challenger: very intense without making people tense. He stays at the highest level of the business but can also dive to the lowest level of the details in a collaborative, supportive way."

Ruth Valdés square.jpg

International Business

Ruth Valdés

Organization: BBVA Bancomer, Mexico
Job Title: Directora de Formación y Universidad Bancomer    

"Ruth is a genuinely inspiring leader and Multiplier. She is a great coach, providing specific and constructive feedback while balancing the positive and the opportunity areas. She empowers reports and peers for their growth, balancing between freedom and advice. Ruth trusts her team and always challenges us to learn as much as possible. She focuses on driving sustainable business results, helping the team to prioritize work and critical decisions. She builds trust through constant communication, encouraging an open dialogue with peers and reports. Lastly, Ruth is a great strategist: she has a clear vision of the results she wants to achieve and accurately involves the team in accomplishing them."    

Shalonda Foster square.jpg


Shalonda Foster    

Organization: Western Middle School for the Arts
Job Title: Assistant Principal    

"Shalonda demonstrates Multiplier leadership through multiple events happening within our school. She is our leader for PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support) and challenges teachers every day to promote a safe culture and climate within the classrooms and school building. She brings a wealth of informative ideas to the team, challenging us to continue to develop safe schools. Her demeanor among her peers is supportive and open to learning and listening as we think outside the box towards a growth mindset and continue to work to provide a safe and caring school for all learners."

Eric Sholes square.jpg


Dr. Eric Sholes

Organization: US Army
Job Title: Project Manager/Systems Engineer    

"Dr. Sholes spends every day working with team leads to develop them into the best leaders they can be. Because of this, he is continually losing his people to promotions and increased responsibility. I have colleagues across multiple organizations supporting our country's missile defense systems who were trained by Dr. Sholes. I know he is acutely aware of how much harder his life gets when those he trains are then chosen to lead a new team, but he keeps pushing forward. He could choose to focus on his day job (rocket science might be easier than employee development), but he comes in every day and spends hour after hour making others better."


Past Winners

We began the search 6 years ago, and with your help, have discovered so many amazing Multiplier leaders.